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Stanford's Office of STEM Outreach (OSO) serves as a nexus connecting Stanford faculty, students, and postdocs with youth, schoolteachers, nonprofit organizations, and the broader community with the goals of increasing engagement, participation, equity and inclusion in STEM fields.


Supported by the Vice Provost and Dean of Research (VPDoR), the OSO helps faculty and students create outreach project ideas and proposal development, identify potential partners (both within Stanford as well as K-14 schools, nonprofits, science museums, etc.), and assist with project implementation.

In addition, the OSO directs several programs and coordinates activities in which faculty, students and postdocs can participate, including:

  • An 8-week summer research fellowship program for science teachers.
  • Events to connect Stanford's outreach practitioners, including faculty, researchers, and student outreach groups.
  • Workshops to help student groups launch new outreach projects and programs.